she gets rejected by the paris review


i eagerly awaited my rejection letter and finally, at long last, it arrived. it arrived in the very same self-addressed, stamped envelope that i sent in 7-8 months ago.

the following are the 3 rejected poems.

bruises are mine

her eyes were emerald cities in tourmaline

mist spit down from the burning moon

though soot and whisper woke my wolf-child

from her yellow maidens melody

she pooled in fevered mulch and wooden pearls

that he planted with misery and pined out

by laughing at the demon-fruit;

by dining in the diamond’s vein

restlessly into that muddy river’s spine

frothed sticky, milk-white limbs

butter-knifed into the nectar of a princess cut

moonstone, stinging quietly as ruby winds

on brand new wings


and way over the feather-laden fields, far out

where she tangles, soaking in the grave he wept her

the mineral tongue of earth has lapped her

swallowed gems and all


 be free

someday soon, we

will be the ashes

in the eye of the


we will be the game

in the foxes teeth

he tongues and

hides within his hole

we will see the dusk

in the archers sleep

and be the feather napping

in his cap

we will know what

lies beyond the mirror

and see the yarn

that holds together seas

we will stow away

on soft winds to Greece

where like our own memories

wonder is buried in shades of shame

I will fold winter

into summers skirts,

march into the castle

of the milky way


stealing the ice hearts

and black eyes of


we will be free

the fortune teller

click, clamber and it backfires

swerves, my solstice milkmaid sails

on a dreamy seafoam bed of nails

lathers in the hungry chorus

of a hundred haunted fingers

lets them pluck a symphony of her bones

you are spring now; you are ruby

salve. dead petals on charred bread – the witch’s secret

you are not the ghost of winter laying bare

and inky dark inside the ashes of a house of cards

but the silver lining stepping

out of the graveyard and onto their toes

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