she’s very thankful

i’m not entirely sure how wordpress works as far as me sharing this post (i’m new here, and feel like that raggedy-ann woman in her own diorama at the grocery store holding up the line counting nickels, and then meticulously putting them away in her miniature coin purse.) i’m also not entirely sure how this reblog will appear. hopefully, it shows the source, the whole thing.

i wanted to share this because, for the first time, somebody shared something that i wrote. i wanted to commemorate this by displaying it here (on my blog) where i’ll remember it. it’s very encouraging since i currently find myself in a place where it’s often arduous to find my voice.

i can’t thank you enough for the inspiration.

Sudden Denouement Collective


gentlemen prefer bones – Sam Lucero (sixredseeds)

mothers soaking touch
drowns the meadows
sinking in blue pastures
where the lamb is missed
& the wolf roams low

above there’s laid out
a garland of stars
for the marriage of the
moon & the husk

stillness mourns
the wind, that like a
drifting treasure had
heretofore stayed buried,
braided up in that locket
of rust & wire
bursting out into the wild
with the lantern of
the sun resting in the
grip of a paper-doll

inside these leaking vaults
velvet shadow & coffin
are to the liking of the quiet,
as the hurricane counts down
on ferny fingers
the moments until
the end of my best holiday

i will not soon shroud
my lullaby with the isolated
murmur of old, nether-bed gods,
the arctic toil
of a choleric world,
& the river I drank from
to forget

i will…

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