sunshine blogger award – sudden denouement literary collective

if there’s one thing you learn in bootcamp, it’s if you don’t know what you’re doing, do what the person in front of you is doing.

i wasn’t certain how this nomination process worked until i saw the other terrific writers over in my new nuclear tribe at sudden denouement making their posts. i wanted to slip into a cold, comfortable shadow and cautiously avoid the honor because i simply think i’m out of my league. to be nominated by, and with, so many wonderful writers makes the villain in me blush. i was nominated by jasper kerkau, whose brainchild is the sudden denouement literary collective. if you want quality emotion in the ammunition of words, go there, like now.

over yonder are the rules and Q&A. i had them out in the open before, but decided to put them behind a cut for the sake of space.

the rules are (copy&pasted otherwise i’d mess them up):
• thank whoever nominated your blog! [ thank you, jasper, for coaxing me out of my cage.]
• indulge yourself and answer any questions you feel happy to answer.
• spread that radiance to some other awesome blogs to keep the light shining brightly.
• use these questions or make up your own to ask your nominees.
• tell your nominees that they have been nominated.
• put your preferred logo award on display.

Questions & Answers

how did SIXREDSEEDS come about?

the name has its own story, but the blog itself had this name for years, never used for anything of substance.

i have always written since i could write. always read. but putting it into a blog came about as a way to immortalize a few things. think of this place as an obituary, however grim that may sound, it’s the truth. i was and am somewhat swimming in the midst of my 6,00th existential crisis of life (i thought i was done at 5,000.) i had twin girls nearly a year ago, mind you, finding out at 18 weeks that there were two in there. lucky me. and not long after suffered symptoms that lead to an MRA/CT scan. instead of finding what they suspected, they found the unexpected. a ticking time bomb, a small un-ruptured brain aneurysm. i will eventually require brain surgery, but since it’s small, not yet. it is a matter of time. whether i undergo it before my brain bleeds by itself is key; otherwise, i may not wake up as me, or wake up at all. this fear has rekindled my motivation to gather up my writings, write more, share, and more importantly finish all my half-finished novels. and it is all for my twin girls. i want them to know me through my words, all just in case. we’ll leave it at that. my fucked up life could fill a novel.

i began using wordpress merely to post my writing(s), scenes (i suppose they’re called prose, but i call them scenes because they’re me developing characters.) and speak/write as if no one were listening/reading. i had no intention, or even an inkling that, i’d ever interact with anyone or that anyone would interact with me. or that anyone would care about what i have to say. this was to be used to help me out of writers block for my novels, to poke the blinking cinders. to post about other random things as well. i decided to post old and new poetry, thinking that no one would ever read them. evidently, i was wrong. i thought i would be on this journey alone, like i have all my life, but… i was found out. i was coaxed out. and here i am.

what are the goals of SIXREDSEEDS moving forward?

i’m done being petrified of having a voice. i’ll continue to rediscover and utilize it.

who do you have to thank for SIXREDSEEDS?

for it’s revival, this beautiful little dreamlet (and her sister, not pictured here, probably pulling out diaper wipes somewhere in the background.) 


My nominations for the Daisy award are: [not sure how this works, if you can nominate somebody already nominated? ignore my obliviousness.]



4 thoughts on “sunshine blogger award – sudden denouement literary collective

  1. Your writing/mind is fantastic and I’m grateful to you for sharing it. I too understand that petrified voice phenomenon and that it is difficult to kick. Congratulations on your daughters. I have two little girls as well, baby and toddler. You will be in my thoughts and I hope for your surgery to be a success.


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