suppliance of a minute – sam lucero

Sudden Denouement Collective


suppliance of a minute – sam lucero

when i was heaving in the mineral mirror
i saw you salting at the headstone grime
winking red-brick powder
clapping in the dragon’s blood

but tonight my heart is oozing metal
satin rupturing steel, bleached & fainting
you are motionless as the opaque acheron
bolting me back to my own misery
rooting me in tearful flickers of delight

& i see now how i live bright-black crumpled
in a phoenix pile of wing-shaped ash
for asymmetrical decades facedown, mourning
how the stars were strychnine
& my naive eyes consumed them raw

samantha lucero (sixredseeds)

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7 thoughts on “suppliance of a minute – sam lucero

    1. is it bad that i had to go back and re-read my final lines, because i had this pitiful glass of wine and am exhausted tonight? i also thought today was friday.

      1. Apparently everyone thought today was Friday. I know I did. Ah well. We’ll get it right tomorrow.

    1. girl, i would have no idea how to give anything in return. lol. i am clueless about awards and nominations. looks to me like answering some questions. simple enough for me. i can do that. thanks for the recognition. it means a lot coming from someone so talented themselves.


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