hello boys & ghouls

although i will attempt to update periodically with new poems/stories or excerpts from books i’m working on (i’ll be deciding which half-written brainchild will have my full creative attention to transmute into a true novel, until it’s entirely complete, as soon as there’s time to breathe again.) i’ll be M.I.A. for a bit. this will keep a few of my projects either in purgatory, or as i’ve mentioned before chipped away at very, very slowly.

as most of you know there’s my big move, a huge hike back up north coming up (finally.) but not just that anymore. a few other issues have popped up that will be soaking my time and weighing me down. i’m not that prolific of an update-queen in the first place, but i wanted you to know that if i’m liking your stuff and commenting a million years after you’ve posted it, this is why. i love playing catch up, but i won’t have too much time, all the time. so eventually i will be stalking you. expect it. ♥



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