the circus hasn’t ended yet. i’m moved. i’m back to where winter makes sense. cold fingers & cold toes. lots of layers. i prefer it this way. fuck american apparel for going out of business. their winter leggings are one of the best things i’ve ever bought in my life.
i’ve got a few places i’d like to submit poetry & short stories to this year. i’m really not sure why i send them in. maybe i just want something to show my kids? in the library i’m harvesting them?
i’ve come closer to finishing my novel(s) by deciding on which one to run with. it will take a long time, but my devotion is there. i’m superstitious, so someday you’ll know the path i’ve chosen. i also came upon an old short story of mine, epistolary style. i think i’d just finished re-reading dracula, this commingled with a wink to houdini and spiritualism birthed this short horror. i’d have to organize it into pages. hmmmm. i may just post it here.
i have everybody on my blog list to stalk. slowly but surely. so expect it. i get about 3 hours to myself a day. sometimes staring at a wall or clicking random hashtags on instagram sucks up too much time.
bonus: here’s me in gettysburg 800 years ago.



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