the horseman, pt. 2.

[a series written a million years ago by a total goth.
unearthed for amusement. posted in parts.
a ridiculed man desperate to find evidence
of the soul embarks on a murderous journey. PART 1.]

Cornelia (The Medium)’s Letter to Arabella (An Associate/Medium)

My cherished and sorely missed Arabella,

So hard to believe it is that we live only a daffy slender time aways from one another, yet hardly find the time to pay a visit. It is for the poor souls who gone losing thems loved ones to the frightful war, that thoughtful folk like us conduct séances to help thems come to terms with the ugly loss.

I write to you today to propose we have ourselves a gathering soon, as a strange man has come to me asking a bit of advice. He’s very determined to get to truths. He’s a gross fellow with a strange face and methinks by the look of hims energies and that, you know what I am meaning, he is doomed to die in some days. He wears a tall, dusty hat and you will no doubt know him by face if he is to come to you for a second opinion, and I trust you will see the same energies. My heart goes out to him in his last of days.


written by: samantha lucero circa early 2000’s ©
image: see caption.

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