the horseman, pt. 4.

[a series written a million years ago by a total goth.
unearthed for amusement. posted in parts.
a ridiculed man desperate to find evidence
of the soul embarks on a murderous journey. PART 1, PART 2, PART 3.]




SAN FRANCISCO, October 9.—Delphia Clyde, aged 26 years, wedded to Coleman Clyde and originally having been from San Jose, an aspiring young artist known for her very dramatic use of vibrant color and soft spoken manner, was found dead yesterday upon the shores of Ocean Beach at dawn. Officials found a pool of her blood by her automobile, which could not have possibly prepared them for what they’d inevitably be lead to.

As if ceremoniously, Delphia wore a white and very pleasantly beaded evening gown which seemed to encapsulate the ghastly state of her body within it. Blood was evident on every piece of her person but shockingly no struggle. The skull was opened methodically and meticulously put back together, at which point a scarf was employed to condense the horror of the inwards of her head. By the condition of the body, officials say, the cruel murderer took her to pieces, and put her carefully back together as if to mock life with a loathsome death.

Heartlessly dismembered in such a way that calls to mind imagery of the careless regard in which a butcher does cleave an animal without a sympathetic thought, Delphia Clyde was brutally murdered and with seeming no remorse by her slayer.

Her husband was called to identify her body by the bracelet she wore on which was engraved: “A love eternal: Delphia & Coleman Clyde” it is said that he was so nauseated by the sight of his beloved in such a state, that he hastily moved to leave the room at once only having seen just her pale, lifeless hand.

Friends of Mrs. Clyde have stated that lately she has grown unusually disturbed and claimed to be seeing ‘ghosts’ in her home. Which would haunt and beckon to her at nightfall.

Officials have asserted that a madman is afoot, and all women would do well to avoid being unaccompanied by day and by night.

More details shall follow as they become available regarding any new leads of the success of the hunt and capture of this ruthless maniac.

Our sympathetic thoughts are with the Clyde family.

written by: samantha lucero circa early 2000’s ©
image: ocean beach, SF, 1920’s.


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