the western ‘across lots’ will be published this month

so the excerpt of the rough draft of what i was working on, which i mentioned here 800 years ago, will be published in the anthology i submitted it for next month. it’s quite violent. i didn’t think they’d accept it. i’ll post more about it when the book is printed.

they also asked for a ‘headshot’ and a bio. naturally, i’m insane and thought about all the scenarios of people knowing what i look like, but then i remembered i’m a viking and i don’t give a fuck. but, i have no pictures of me unless they look like this:


which is a more accurate portrayal of me; note the child’s hand holding a giraffe. his name is wilson.

but, i decided to attempt a nicer photo with things that weren’t pajamas on, and also bigger, nerdier glasses. just in case.

so this is what i got.the real one.JPG


so now you know what i look like. but if you ever see me, i’m dangerous. don’t approach. 🙂

18 thoughts on “the western ‘across lots’ will be published this month

  1. That’s great, Sam. Will the anthology be available online or in print? Be sure to link to it when it is published. I like the shocked tone of your piece, especially, “thrilling the memories a bright black.” And glad to see a couple pictures of mysterious Samantha Lucero!

    1. I think they do online and print. They’re a pretty small company, but hey, something to show my kids. Besides when I finally finish an actually novel. Lol. It ended up being quite violent and longer than I thought it would.

  2. Congratulations!! I love violence, so I’m looking forward to this publication. 😊


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