16 thoughts on “the song that’s been stuck in my head for too long.

      1. Those lalalalala lees have always got me too… the in-between of devastation and beauty and inexplicable things, and the harmony, and the back story of Nick and PJ…I don’t know. All of it maybe.
        Anyway, I don’t know your story, but I hope all is okay?

      2. I just read your “About”. I love it. Especially what you wrote about your girls…I admit, it made me laugh out loud. i have a twin brother…and that is another conversation. How old are they now if you don’t mind me asking?

      3. in response to if all is well, i’d say it is more so than it has been, and that’s all i could hope for. what about you?
        and, i don’t mind that question at all! the girls are nearing a year and a half. they are fraternal, if you’re curious. so much so that one is actually blonde (i was when i was little.) and one is brunette.

      4. oh my gosh, that is a cute age! Easy for me to say of course, as we don’t have kids 🙂
        Genetics blow my mind quite frankly.
        I have always been amused by the amount of people who have asked me, “so, are you identical?” after I told them I had a twin brother…
        I’m glad if things are going better for you.
        I think I could say the same, actually, thanks. Depends on the day!
        Thanks so much for sharing this song!!

      5. genetics blew my mind, too. i found out at 18 weeks after thinking it was a boy… i had no symptoms aside from heartburn, and according to all the (apparently, false?) old wives tales, no symptoms mean boy. psshhhh. not for me. for me it means TWO GIRLS. no problem sharing the video, maybe i’ll post more of what get stucks in my head. thanks for the twinfo. see what i did there?

      6. Double like, for the boy turning into two girls, haha and for the twinfo pun! (oh, and I am happy for you you didn’t have morning sickness! Oh the complexities.)


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