like a stone

this blog is for writing poetry and stories.

i’ve been missing from here lately, because i’ve devoted a lot more time to personal endeavors (working on several short stories, self publishing the poetry book i’ve mentioned, and finishing a full-length novel.) i’ve also been depressed. i usually would have never admitted that, but in this place is feels anonymous enough. i’ve also been toiling over a few new poems, but i’m here to acknowledge someone else’s work. someone no longer with us.

although i was struck harder by bowie and cohen this year, especially cohen since his music and his words have had an influence on my own, chris cornell was like a drafty candle in the background of a lot of the musical influences in my youthful memories. his bands occasionally had hits that i’d listen to on repeat. he was a poet, and not many know that.

this song is one of the best songs ever written, obviously not one of the best videos. many people have moved on from it still believing it’s a love song — it’s not. it’s about death. and since he has died it is a privilege to see into his mind even from many years ago. the video is amusingly early 2000’s with the lack of skinny jeans and manicured facial hair, but i hope that he’s finally where he wants to be.

on a cobweb afternoon
   in a room full of emptiness
      by a freeway I confess
           i was lost in the pages
               of a book full of death
                    reading how we’ll die alone
                       and if we’re good, we’ll lay to rest
                             anywhere we want to go

13 thoughts on “like a stone

  1. “chris cornell was like a drafty candle in the background of a lot of the musical influences in my youthful memories” – exactly… his voice is so iconic in my mind and yet so subtly in the background.

  2. Unbelievably sad today. Have lost so many of my musical heroes. Andrew, Kurt, Layne, Scott and now Chris. Effing blows. This was the song that set me off into Grunge.

  3. An incredibly moving homage. The news hit me like a freight train. Chris Cornell was such a landmark in modern rock. His style and grace surpassed his vocal ability and seeped into everything he did.
    Every outfit I’ve played with, I’d insist we do a Soundgarden or Audioslave cover. It’s safe to say no vocalist I’ve played with ever came close to doing him justice.

    We’re losing way too many artists these days. I don’t want to think about who will be next.

    1. Such a talented writer. I wondered myself who might be next. Only time will tell I suppose. He was an integral part of the whole grunge scene. A dwindling crowd. Or I’m just old … or both


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