‘ This mess we’re in ‘ – Collaborative – S.K. Nicholas & Samantha Lucero

recent collaborative with S.K. Nicholas.

Sudden Denouement Collective

   the lights are always on now, no one ever sleeps.

   i am one of those dreamless alien lights; one of those nobody’s cradled in the teeth of a high-rise window. my building’s a fang that pierces an eye of god. i loved you more because you turned away from me.

   i stare at my reflection until i become the memory of you; until i am become death and stones in pockets, and the formless outside in the velvet dark. you, the ghost that rushes in the corner of my eye, the reason i wear lace when it rains. i’m trying to read your mind, wherever it’s gone, but i can’t. i try to unearth the sandalwood smear of you on my walls and in between my fingers, but you’re not there. i’m not there either, not anymore.

   and so i’ll go to the hudson where they…

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6 thoughts on “‘ This mess we’re in ‘ – Collaborative – S.K. Nicholas & Samantha Lucero

  1. This.. Wait, I need a moment. Sigh. Okay, this is the piece that first brought me to your attention. I had not seen your work until SD posted this duet between you & SK. It messed me up for good. What ever I knew about writing before, was lost. And it doesn’t matter how many times you read it, it just grows with you. It should be taught at art classes. I wanted to comment before but I couldn’t think of anything worthy(still can’t) except to say you’re dangerously brilliant, Lucero-dono.

    1. I’m stunned. Best comment ever. How could I thank you for those words? Impossible. They come at a low-energy point, and a near uninspired part of my life, and hearing them really helps me feel motivated and inspired. Thank you, thank you, a hundred times, thank you.


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