a city map is sewn in the scalp;
looped in the goat-milk, or spit out,
tongued in silky blades of stomped
down grass.

i’m crowned with high-pitched fingers
clenched in fur.
in octaves only shades can bear, i simmer
in their holy cradles.
i become the roughened corner of a mouth
grinning at its own joke.

there, the receding home in ranch-style polaroids of a dirty blond stranger and my mother squinting in the sun; some home not mine or yours.

ventricles, which
in a woman’s left grows tiny,
and in a man’s more supple.
i keep alive by milking goats.

some like lifelines, some like ulcers
the city streets are braided in my hair.

samantha lucero 2018 ©


16 thoughts on “1.

  1. I’ve read this four times now; I appreciate it more each time. To me, it’s a mark of good poetry to hear the writer’s voice in your head as you read. Another telltale sign that you’ve got a quality piece of work is when the imagery at first strikes as being too visceral but for some reason you read on and become more enamored with it—some of Ginsberg’s stuff, like Kaddish, comes to mind.

    1. This is why I wait and wait to write until the time is right. Until I can really write. I want someone like you to read it and really get it, and it’s worth it when I see this.

  2. I’ve a simple mind when it comes to literature. Untrained. I rely upon feeling, and sometimes feel writers get lost in the “clever” and become too much in their minds. But you are the right balance of raw feel and accessibility, and I like you a whole lot!

    1. I get a lot of my material from my own dreams and nightmares. Lots of feeling there. Sometimes I find I’m not writing about this world at all. If that makes sense. Thank youuuu.

      1. A pleasure it is to both praise you and interact 🙂 I think it’s very special that you can tap into “otherworldly” inspiration; it means your writing is potentially infinite!

      2. That’s why it’s so occasional I guess. I’m kind of a perfectionist, too. Has to come out just right or I won’t feel well about writing it down.

  3. PS- Loved the GIF you used in this. Just realised it was Marina … from Marina and the Diamonds. Love her live; the audience becomes a chorus and I one of them 🙂


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