i will be posting a short story in micro-posts… if that’s even a term. if it isn’t i’ve invented it just now so i’ll sue you if you steal it (if you’re rich). it’s a short story, perhaps not the last, about a murder. it’s horror. what i mean by micro-posts is that i plan to tell it in 2-3 paragraph posts over time. you’ll see.

i’m using this as a method to combat some semi-severe writers block/depression. i say semi, because at times i can write and write and it just comes to me as if odin is wafting and apollo is purring. other times (more often than not lately) i stare forward to a blank page or scan several sentences of notes and wonder why life exists at all and why i’m still here. yes, i have major depressive disorder but don’t worry, this isn’t unique for me–i’m an existential nihilist.

i’ll keep telling my micro-story until it’s over or until i get sick of it. i have several poems i’ve worked on and i think are terrible, so i haven’t put them over on sudden denouement or even on here. thus, the utter silence on my blog. i’ve also worked on my other book, another secret project (way in the future), and sent out some query letters for my novel. since it’s my first book and it probably sucks i might just self publish it, but i figured why not try a little? i only just sent the letters out. we’ll see.

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      1. one of my favorite cities. there’s a very questionable looking place called CLEOs across the canal that you might think you shouldn’t trust… but it was he best Mediterranean food I’ve ever eaten.

  1. The best people get writer’s block and those that never do are baby Mills for words without substance. When you write you fire up the world. Even if you wrote once a year it would have more meaning than any vacous daily jogger. Some of the best books had no second book. As I Sat Down At Grand Central Station And Wept being one that blew me away. You have the same electricity. Depression is the recharge period for the existential nialist to stole her magic before returning and claiming her place

    1. I am trying to make the experience deeper, too, so that when it leaves there’s more room for what I want in my mind and less clutter. It’s a long process… sounds like you can relate. I want you to know that your comments really made my day. I’m not in such a great place at the moment (not many are of course) and for you to take the time to tell me these wonderful and encouraging things, to make me try to see what I do the way others might, makes me emotional in a very deeply happy way. I can’t thank you enough.

      1. There’s no thanks necessary when people of like-minds or appreciative of one another’s journey can say so. It is a pleasure to be able to be honest and express how I feel upon reading you. Whilst there are supportive people out there and I know many love you, there are also those who would never understand what you feel and what you are going through and that is the worst feeling in the world, and one that people who experience depression are side-lined for, in their vacant lots. So that is why when someone does ‘get it’ they reach through the fog and say ‘hold on’ because they know you can because you have that blazing light about you even when you cannot see it. There are not so many of us, but I support you, in light and dark, knowing you have wings even when you think you have not.


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