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In the terror of seeing the figure, and in the terror of being certain that it had not been there a moment before, I at first ran from it, and then ran towards it. And my terror was greatest of all when I found no figure was there…

– Charles Dickens

this is a blog mainly for my writing and reading endeavors, with occasional moaning or ranting. i’m very languid and indolent about it all these days, afflicted with a pitiful writers block. that, and being incessantly tired.

i love all things sinister and delightful.

i’m interested in how my mind works. i’m interested in how your mind works. i’m interested in what will happen to my ‘mind’ after i die. i’m interested in why i even care.

i am living with a small un-ruptured brain aneurysm that isn’t “likely” to bleed, or explode, anytime soon. or so they say. maybe that’s why i’m interested in the mind. because mine could be gone any minute.

i effectively created my own coven by having twin girls. maybe that’s where the rampant fatigue comes from?

when i heat up my food, it’s often too hot to eat. i then have to spit it out right away after suffering the burn of my negligence.

i don’t like 99% of people. they’re just dull.

i buy things i don’t need to feel good about myself, like most people do.

i read books when i can. i have books i’ve bought and haven’t read yet. i have about 9 wish-lists on amazon, entirely comprised of books.

sometimes i go places and do things.

most of the images i use in my posts are found on the internet without a name. if something’s yours i’ll remove it or say so. just speak up. vectors are by: retrovectors, logo design by me.

that said, all words are the work of my miry imagination and belong to me.


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