sisters of the coal


ask the moonstone-girl about the other world

while her heart’s still in that rustproof iron

w h i s p e r

while the streets are still a red river,

apprehended in a jar

while the milk is still imprisoned

inside of cupid’s bow

ask her about that anointed chatter

in her interstellar slumber, mewling

like a gilded reliquary of jailed deities

radiating, grinning, breathing on the cosmic window

how do you tell the silverbell laughter

dangling in the nameless dark

s t o p, your gold perfume is too peeled

the lightning portrait in the hall

a triad keep of myth-children

b e w a r e, i smell your crimson

how do i tell this velvet stranger,

this primordial diamond cupping coal

that the overcast crypt survives

the bleary straggler lingers

to starve and skin her core

i want it to snow, too

but i can’t shake the world

words = samantha lucero 2016 ©
image = not mine.

blood-blue bowman

he’s rain swelling in the mothers open skirts

the starving soup of venom & wings gone gray

medicine in the mouths of the blessed dead


I hear flowers moan

when  fingers break their stems like bones

& press into the trickle of their shook loose hair

stirring the yellow heartbeat of the sky

for only one word

one of his


he’s the running light against a sunk

terrain of starry roads

he’s my king of distant oceans;

my watery-eyed snapped arrow

the bulging purr at the begging blood of coastal war

mist into sweat

wet souls, white salt on the upper lip

moist whispers, electric ice, & snakeskin

& one dusty fingerprint of the creator.

words = samantha lucero 2016 ©
image = not mine.